Photographing Food with Blue Salt Culinary

Food is one of my favorite commercial subjects to shoot, It's beautiful, artistic, and best of all, I usually get to eat some of it when we're done! Recently I got together with Blue Salt Culinary in Somerville, New Jersey to photograph some of their delicious dishes. 


The dishes ranged from classics like vegetables with dip and mozzarella & tomato to amazingly unique items like their incredibly popular mini tacos (these had ahi tuna!) and mini lobster rolls!

It was great to be able to photograph all different kinds of dishes with no rules. Blue Salt let me have complete creative freedom; I was able to try new lighting, angles, styles to create images that I knew would fit their modern classic style.


As the night went on, the sun started to set which allowed me to let my creative side show even more and use the light and lens flare to my advantage. (This probably my favorite photo from the set!)


The table was also adorned with some stunning classic and modern flower pieces from Gems & Stems, also located here in Somerville! They run a beautiful shop in downtown Somerville and I highly recommend them, especially for my favorite, Mallori's hand tied bouquets!


Chef Sean had also created some fantastic succulent pieces, which he does regularly! They're full of unique plants you don't get to see often and look like small individual gardens across the table!


And of course I can't show you all this marvelous food without talking about the chefs behind it. Blue Salt Culinary is run by Sean and Steven, two extremely talented and decorated chefs who turn out dishes that are delectable as well as eye pleasing. They put the ultimate care into designing a menu that is perfect for you and combines traditional flavors with plates that are also new and innovative. 


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