Fall Check In With Alexis!

Wow guys, its already the middle of October! October is one of my favorite months, it has my birthday, Halloween, I love fall weather, anddd it's the start of my photo season! Every I'm so busy this time of year with family sessions and Christmas Minis, but I love it! I love meeting new families or seeing familiar faces, and creating new memories for you all to decorate your home with. So here's a quick glimpse of everything that's going on!

As I mentioned, October is my birthday month! To celebrate I'm giving one of you guys a gift! All you have to do to enter my Birthday Contest is go to my Instagram and/or Facebook page and share this photo! Make sure you've liked or followed my page as well to enter!
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Good Luck!


Second we have out Christmas Minis! This year's set theme was 'Rustic' and so far everyone loves it! I wanted to stick with classic red and green but give it a twist with the plaid accessories and burlap wrapped gifts. Christmas Minis are exclusively on 2 dates only and the 19th only has 2 time slots left while the 11th has 3! So if you want to book one of these, do it quick!


Third is our Fall Family Session Sale! All sessions are $50 to $75 off which is our biggest sale on our new packages yet! Our new 2017 packages come with high resolution photos that include retouching and a $50 print credit which is gives you several prints or can be put towards a specialty product. We also have our special Christmas products like Luxe Cards (which I LOVE getting in the mail!) and metal ornaments.


Last is a new one! For those of you who don't know I offer Photo Restoration services. I take your old worn out or damaged photos, scan & restore them, and give you brand new beautiful prints. This year we're having a Restoration Consultation Day. We'll have free consultations all day on November 5th and if you decide to have a photo restored, you will receive 10% off all services and prints! Restored photos make really special gifts, I've done it myself and have seen it cause happy tears and incredibly big smiles. Please make an appointment ahead of time for this event! You can check out the Facebook event page here.


I hope I see some of you this season! A lot of you have already scheduled and that makes me so happy to be your chosen photographer, I couldn't do this without your guys! As always please contact me with any questions you have, I'm always happy to chat and answer your questions whether its via email, phone, or text!•  Contact Page  •  732•710•2426

Restoring Your Photos- Behind The Scenes!

Photo restoration is is one of my favorite services that I offer, but no one ever gets to see it happen. So I decided to grab my camera and document the entire process from start to finish!

1. Consult and Examine // This is the first step where I finally get to see the photo in person! Generally, I will set up a meeting in my studio in Somerville where we can meet, you can give me your photo and, if I haven't already seen it in an email, I can tell you what work will need to be done & find out what you want done with it as well! As you can see in the photo below, I always wear white cotton gloves when handling you photos to protect them from any dirt or oils that may damage the photo further.


2. Scan the Image // The next step starts the process of actually fixing your photo: scanning the image in. I scan the image at twice it's size so that if you decide you want to print it bigger, you can!

3. Fix the Image // This is my favorite part because, to me, fixing your image is like creating art. I love cleaning up the image and bringing it back to life. Some of the fixes I do to photos include removing dust & dirt, fix all tears or creases, fill in the empty areas, and adjusting lighting & contrast as needed. Those are my most common fixes, but I've also repaired water damage and replaced faces!


4. Set the Color // After the image is cleaned up, I set the color to your choosing. You can select from original color, sepia tone, black and white, or colorized image. Colorized images involve me coloring a black & white or sepia photos with colors of your preference. You can choose everything from the clothing color to eye color, or let me decide if you aren't sure! You can see examples of these types of coloring below:


5. Your Approval // Next, I will email you a draft of the photo so you can approve it or recommend any needed changes before I send you the final and get it printed.

6. Order Your Prints // Once you have approved the photo, I will order your prints in the sizes you have chosen. You can choose from small as 3x5 all the way up to 16x20! These prints make great gifts. I've done it myself with my family and they always love it!


7. Delivery // Time for us to meet up again! I prefer meeting in person to these first and last steps because I want to see them go right in you hands and ensure you receive your originals & new prints safe and sound.

If you ever have any questions about having your photo restored, please ask! I'm always happy to explain what might need to be done to an image or give a quote.