How Can I Display My Photos?

In this age of digital media, people are very often taking photos or getting them taken, but keeping them on cameras & computers without ever printing them. Wouldn’t it be great if at your desk at work or while walking up your staircase you could always see the people you love smiling at you? I always make sure every family that shoots with me walks away with at least one print, my gift to you, because I love prints that much.


Prints are the perfect way to add something beautiful and special to your home. Whether you’re making a collage of your own iPhone photos on your wall or getting a big canvas print of your most recent family photo, photos should always be printed. There are so many amazing new print products out there these days; sometimes my head spins when trying to figure out which ones I should offer (or even get myself)!

First, you have you ‘Classic’ products; traditional products that are timeless and you can never go wrong with. They start with your prints. They come in every size imaginable from 4x6 all the way up to 40x60! (I’ve yet to have any one get one THAT large... yet) Another great product with an original feel is the canvas wrap. Canvas wraps start at 8x10 and go up to 40x60 as well. These are perfect if you want product that is classic, beautiful, and elegant. The best part of canvases is that they are extremely durable. Unlike large frames, they are very easy to move and rarely get damaged, which is perfect if you have kids!


The second type of products are your ‘Modern’ products. I love these pieces for when you’re decorating a home that sleek & contemporary, my favorites being metal and acrylic prints. These products are great because, like canvases, they don't need to be framed. Metal prints are photos that are printed directly on to thin sheets of metal. They come in almost any size you can think of and can come with built in hardware for hanging or stands for table top display. Acrylic prints are printed photos that are mounted onto a sturdy material then have a thick layer of acrylic mounted on top. They also come in smaller block versions (up to 5x7 inches) that have a an inch of acrylic that are sturdy enough that they can stand up on their own. 

Lastly, you have your ‘Artistic’ products. Artistic displays are the newest on the printing scene, the most popular of them being wood-printed products. You can get your images printed on beautiful natural wood in the same selection of sizes you have for products like canvases and prints. Like the modern products and canvases, wood product can be displayed unframed as well. You can get you wood print with hanging hardware in the back or have coordinating ribbon attached to the top to add even more of an artistic flair.  They also make 6-sided photo blocks and stand-up wood hearts also with your photo on it that make perfect gifts for mom or grandma!

You can use this very handy wall display guide below to figure out which size products are best for your home:


You can also have your photos printed on more than just wall and table displays. You can get great gifts printed like albums, keychains, magnets, luggage tags, ornaments, and calendars. The possibilities are endless! There are so many options these days that will fit everyone’s unique and individual style. I’m always happy to help my clients figure out what kind of option is perfect for displaying their photos.