Getting Creative with Jewelry Photography

Not only do I love photographing people, I love photographing food and products as well! Recently a friend of mine asked me to photograph some of her favorite jewelry she sells at Trish's Treasures. She wanted to use the photos for social media and website so told me to make them pretty and to go wild! 


I decide to us all different types of backgrounds with the photos. I used different types of wrapping paper and specialty papers as my background. On the top I put smaller pieces on solid colored paper to help the piece of jewelry stand out from the busy backgrounds. 


I tried to use a variety of different angles and positions for the jewelry. Sometimes when shoot for catalog or commerce website you want to keep all the photos the same, but when you photograph for home pages and social media you want the photos to be eye grabbing and pretty, so they can stand out from all the other photos you're scrolling though.


Some photos, like the two above, I photographed a bit differently. The black bead and rhinestone earring were very glamorous and eyecatching so I thought they needed a clean background that would make them look even more luxe. The orange beaded earrings were also very bold, but I though they could easily stand up to being placed directly on a background, so I teamed them up with map that matched their style and picked up the orange and bronze tones in the jewlery.


I had so much fun shooting all the jewelry and some of these pieces are even in my jewlery box now! Can you guess which ones?