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Fall Friends Giveaway!

Guess what?! This fall I'm not giving away one family session, but two! This fall during our 2 week long Fall Friends Giveaway you can enter to win a family session for you and one for a friend (or family member of course!)

Entering is super simple, all you need is a Facebook page or Instagram!
1) Share the giveaway photo
2) Tag a friend in the comments on my post
3) Make sure you're following me!
You can enter up to 3 times on both Instagram or Facebook (that's 6 times!)


The contest ends September 28th you can find my Facebook and Instgram below:

Good Luck (7).jpg

Make Your Own Photo Mother's Day Card!

What if I told you for the same price as a card at the store, you could get one made online with your photos and sent to your house for the same price? You would probably love it right?! Since making your own personalized products online can be a little confusing or overwhelming I made a step by step blog showing you how to make your own Mother's Day card on Shutterfly!

He's the website link where you can get started:

Step 1 //  Go to the website and pick out your favorite card layout! They have great options for both Mom and Grandma!

Step 2 // Once you find the card you like, click the button to get started!

Step 3 // Double click the gray area to add your own photo

step 3.jpg

Step 4 // After you upload your photo you can edit or crop your it. If this screen doesn't automatically pop up you can find it by double clicking the card's photo again. This is also where you can remove the photo from the card if you change your mind.

Step 5 // After you click 'Done', then 'Next' in the upper right corner it will bring you into the inside of the card! First thing you'll want to do is toggle though the options tabs on the left to change the card shape (if applicable), inside layout, and card color/background.

Step 6 // After you decide those options you can upload more photos and write text! Double click the gray square to do these options! In the font window you can change font type, size and color. Below you'll find my finished example!

Step 7 // After you've clicked 'Next' after you've finished your card you can pick out your envelope and if you want to jazz it up a little, add a pretty envelope liner!

Step 8 // Now last but not least make sure in the upper left corner below the logo your quantity is set to one card! Sometimes it will automatically set to more. To change your quantity click the triangle next to the word each and select '1' or whatever amount you'd like.

And now you're done! The last steps will have you make and account with Shutterfly and pay for your product, but if you've ever bought anything online you should know what to do! Don't forget, all cards are on sale until May 10th so order yours asap (and so your get it in time as well!)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or Shutterfly!

Happy (almost) Mother's Day!

It's That Time of Year Again, Holiday Minis are Back!

Every year I try to do a new and fun set for Holiday minis; Last year was Candy Canes & this year is Snowflakes! With a set complete with snow, a white & blue tree, and some very friendly polar bears, this years picture will look festive and fun for everyone!


Each session includes a 30 minute session, 5 digital images (fully retouched!), a private online proofing gallery, and one gift 8x10 print. Each child gets their own take home gift as well! Sessions are only $99 but are limited to 2 exclusive dates, Saturday, November 19th and Sunday, December 4th. Each day is limited to 5 spots so reserve yours as soon as possible!

The set as you can see below is themed around snow with touches of silver and blue!
Photos can be taken with or with the polar bears as well.


Please feel free to contact me via my contact page or at HellionPhoto@gmail.com & 732•710•2426. Rather have a full family session? Then check out my Family Mini Sessions running until November 27th here! Hope to see you this Holiday Season!

Tips for Getting Your Kids To Be On Their Best Behavior For Your Family Session!

So you have a date set, your family's outfits picked out & coordinated, and you've checked the weather for your session date three times, so you're ready, right? One thing you may not of thought of is how to prepare for your kids to be on their best behavior! There are a few simple things you can do so your shoot goes as smoothly as possible!


Plan out your naps. If your child is still on a nap schedule, make sure our shoot time is not interfering with one of their naps. If your child is sleepy or cranky, that may show up on their faces and it may also be difficult to get them cooperate in posing for photos. So make sure we schedule before or after a nap, whenever you feel your child will be at their best!

Have a snack before the the session. Parents know a hungry kid can be a scary kid! A small snack before a session (nothing too messy) can help keep them happy, especially if you're waiting until after your session to eat. Just make if they're eating anything that can stain or spill that they aren't in their photo outfit while eating it!


Bring toys and props. During a family session I like to get all different types of combinations of people in photos, so I'll do the whole family then maybe just the children or just the parents and everything in between! So to keep you child's mood up in between photos, you can bring a toy for them to play with sometimes and it can be fun to get photos of them with a toy that means something to them. A favorite book, stuffed animal, ball, musical toy or whatever else that might enjoy is a great way to keep them happy and show some personality in their photos as well!

And my personal favorite, which I think is fun to do for any age family: make a fun day out of it! Play up the photo shoot as a special family day. You can do other activities after the shoot like go to the park, get ice cream, go out for lunch, or do some fun seasonal activity like picking apples or going to see Santa! The activities afterwards can be a good motivator to behave during the shoot.

I never want family photos sessions to be stressful for anyone. A calm, relaxed session is a great session, and hopefully with these tips it will help your whole family stay happy so I can create the perfect family photos for you!