Photo by Peter Collura

5 Things You Should Know About Me, Alexis Maguire,
Owner & Head Photographer at Hellion Photography

1. I love being a photographer and artist. Whether I'm taking photos, making jewelry, or doing DIY home decor, it's for me!

2. I love my boyfriend, family, and my cat! (Bonus thing about me: Me and my boyfriend's cat is a Norwegian Forest Cat named Princess Leia.)

3. Before opening my studio in Somerville, NJ in 2014 I received my bachelors degree for photography as well as an associates degree in graphic design.

4. You can usually find me stealing sips of my iced coffee during my photo shoots. I love iced coffee (even in the winter)!

5. I'm Irish and proud of it! You almost always spot a piece of my jewelry that's Irish, whether it's my harp necklace carved from an Irish coin or my Celtic knotwork ring.